The five best indoor plants for single people

In the last 6-7 years, plants have really become a huge part of our zeitgeist. Designers, influencers and hip singles are having a plant heyday.  This green rush has shifted flower shops like mine into flower/plant shops and I’m always on the lookout for cool new varieties in addition to the hearty classic plant that I may have found in my mother’s living room.  There are many theories as to why we’re growing green with plant envy right now and why plants are taking over our Instagram feeds.  As we move into cities and complicate our lives with technology we are missing our primitive connection to nature.  The collective culture has grown so noisy with phones, instagram profiles, text notifications that maybe we’re all just needing a little peace and quiet, a little zen.  Here are my pics for the best 5 plants for busy singles who want to bring some soft green peace into their home. 

1. Zamioculas Zamiifolia (aka ZZ plant) I love this plant and I love to sell them mostly because ANYONE can grow a healthy ZZ. Their versatility assures me.  ZZ plants will grow in low light or high light. Their only real objection would be overwatering. For a 6” ZZ plant you’d be better off watering it once a month than once a week- so let’s also call it a low water plant.  If you’re not sure your apartment has enough light or worried it has too much, pick up a ZZ plant. It’s a tolerant plant that will adjust to almost any light condition. 

2. Sansevieria (aka snake plant) The snake plant has become wildly popular and growers have developed dozens of gorgeous varities- Sansevieria cylindrica, trifasciata, kirkii. I love snake plants because much like the ZZ plant they’ll take whatever you’ve got; low light, high light and anything in between.  Water your snake plant like you would a succulent, about once a month. It’s much easier to overwater it than to underwater it.  The reason I love this plant for a busy single is because it’s easy easy easy and makes almost no demands on its human parent. 

3. Succulents- You may be sensing a theme here- I love low maintenance plants. You will need high light but after that, LEAVE YOUR SUCCULENT ALONE and watch it sprout babies. Hip singles are lining windowsills with cute little succulent specimens and sourcing funky, locally made containers.  For people living in small apartments, 2” and 4” succulents won’t occupy too much space and will bring little pings of pleasure. 

4. Scindapsus Pictus (aka satin pothos)- Pothos are a little old fashioned but the newly popular and hearty Scindapsus Pictus is similar to the classic and even more gorgeous. Its leaves have a satin finish and they will shine and sparkle in the light.  Put your satin pothos on a weekly watering cycle and be sure its drains thoroughly. It will creep and vine over your kitchen counter or on your bookshelf.  You will feel gratification as you watch little baby leaves unfurl and vines wrap around whatever it can reach. 

5. Philodendron (monstera, cordatum)- Suffice to say that the Philodendron comes in many shapes and sizes. Right now, the Philo. Monstera is about as hip as they come- gracing the pages of Dwell and Architectural Digest. But “Philodendron” is a huge, hearty family of plants and I am certain you can find a variety to thrive in your home. Mostly they prefer medium to bright indirect light and want thorough waterings every 7-10 days. I love the Cordatum which reminds me of that 70’s Show and will fit perfectly on your coffee table. Pinch it back if it gets too leggy but enjoy this shiny dark green vine.