Flower Delivery Seattle

Where does Cedarhouse send flowers in Seattle?

We deliver within approximately 15 miles from our shop – that’s all of Seattle, the Shoreline area and most of the eastside neighborhoods including Kirkland, Bellevue, Medina and Mercer Island.

How much is it to send flowers in Seattle?

  • Free in-store pick up

  • $10 in Wallingford (98103)

  • $15 and up in Seattle (based on zipcode)

  •  $20 and up to eastside neighborhoods (based on zipcode)

When does Cedarhouse deliver?

We deliver Tuesday thru Saturday inside of business hours (9am-6pm). Feel free to call and find out if we’re able to arrange special delivery on a Sunday or Monday. We do of course deliver on the Sunday that falls on Mother’s day!  Please order by 2pm PST for next day delivery.

Does Cedarhouse Flowers offer same day flower delivery options?

Call our shop at (206) 397-3222 to see if we can accommodate your same-day delivery request. If we can make it happen, we will!

What if the recipient is not there to receive my flower delivery?

If there is a smart and safe place to leave your flowers (i.e. a covered porch, back door, with a co-worker) we will do that and then text/notify the recipient. If leaving them is not a good idea, we will call you and/or the recipient for further direction.  If we can’t reach either party then we’ll return the arrangement to the shop.

Does Cedarhouse wire flowers out of Seattle, WA?

No, we do not wire flowers out-of-state but we do have strong opinions regarding wire services.  Please feel free to call us and find out what we consider best practices for ordering out of state and how to secure some quality control.

How do I care for my flowers?

We strive not only for beautiful design but lasting design.  While there are some flowers that are naturally short lived (like our beloved dahlia), you should expect to enjoy most cut flower arrangements for up to 7 days and often more with good care.  Add a little water to your arrangement everyday to help it keep fresh and last. For the ambitious, change the water completely; tip the vase on its side and empty what you can.  Then refill with fresh tap water.

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