Mom’s Favorite Flowers

Cedarhouse Flowers runs down our favorite Mother’s Day flowers!


Lilac, lilac, lilac! Snip these from your yard, your neighbor’s yard or your neighbor’s neighbor’s yard, I promise you, it’s worth the risk.  Course you can also special request them from your florist.  While lilac may not be the longest lasting flower it might just be the most fragrant.

I have a lilac tree in my yard- once a year I cut a huge, gigantic, enormous, colossal vase full of it and walk around my kitchen drunk with fragrance and nostalgia.

Take it from me, I’m a mom- MOMS LOVE LILAC! They are not overly sexy but they are romantic and will have her dreaming of sunny porches, lemonade and simpler times.


Hands down, peonies are the most requested flower in the universe – and I feel pretty confident using superlatives in this case.  Mostly we florists can get our paws on peonies all year round but if you ask me, they are only worth it when they are in season and local, local, local.

Lucky for Moms, peonies are a spring flower and should be abundant on Mother’s Day. There’s no better way to thank your mom for pushing you out of her vagina just to set you free.  Peonies might just pay back that debt.


In lieu of peonies, bring your mom ranunculus.  There is an unwritten law in flower shops that a peony lover’s second favorite flower is the ranunculus.  For me, it’s a draw.

Ranunculus have the same elusive, fly away, papery petals; they are magic, esoteric even! A ranunculus in full bloom looks like it’s about to take flight and escape through your open window.

They come in pinks, corals, whites, burgundies you name it.  Find out her favorite color and order a bunch of ranunculus from your favorite florist for Mother’s Day.


Tulips are like the work horse of high-end flowers. They are ubiquitous, economical and long lasting if you include their dramatic death scenes. A flower for the bourgeoisie, for ANY of us and yet indispensable to the most exotic and extravagant spring bouquets.

You can buy Mother’s Day tulips by the dozens and still have money for mimosas. But rest assured, there is nothing chintzy about a tulip, they give you their all.

Show your mom you are sincere and steadfast in your devotion – bring her tulips!


It takes a special lady to appreciate the hyacinth, you could even argue they are funny looking, like a teenager a little too big for his britches- a hyacinth bulb will grow top heavy even after it has been cut.

And while they may not be the most elegant flower their fragrance is unsurpassed; delicate, light, aerial, not heavy and musky like the easter lily or paperwhite narcisis.

My favorite color hyacinth is deep blue and I adore its darling cousin, mascari aka grape hyacinth. Your mother will love them both.

Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid- The first flower shop I worked in, introduced me to the wonder of cymbidium orchids.

Do you know that if you take reasonably good care of your cymbidium stem you can enjoy it in your home for four, six weeks even?!? I know, unbelievable.

Cymbidiums have giant, meaty blooms that come in a variety of color; watery whites and pinks, chartreuse greens, yellows and dramatic burgundy and they have solid, chunky stems.

Add a branch of pussy willow or dogwood to create a sophisticated floral statement that will last and last.

Sweet Pea

They are as cute and charming as they sound; delicate, refined, fragrant.  Sweet peas are the darling of posies. If your mom is anything like me, she’s not looking for a marching band on Mother’s Day, it is the small, sincere and thoughtful gesture that will mean the most.

A fistful of sweet pea will surely put you in favor over your smarter, faster, richer and funnier sibling.  I am willing to wager that a sweet pea posy is the answer to world peace.

Choose, white, lavender or any variety of pink. Better yet, ask your florist about the flashy new hybrids that local growers are producing and get a little psychedelic on your mom.

Calla Lilies

Is your mom sports car over wagon? Cocktail over beer? Is she New York socialite at heart? Calla lilies are perfect for your cultured mom, they have sleek sophisticated lines and they smoke long skinny cigarettes.

A florist worth her weight can order the classic Giant White calla lily or any petite variety in pink, purple, yellow and even sexy black. They are subtle and their grace is unparalleled.

Calla lilies act important and they look down their little calla lily noses at all the other flowers. So, if your mom’s important and you want to tell her so, a calla lily could do that for you.


I hear this a lot: “I’m not really a rose person.” I get it, none of us want to be cliché but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face (speaking of cliché).

Now, I am not suggesting you present your mom with a pageant styled, dozen red, but do not begrudge her the glory of big, juicy, garden rose blooms.

Talk to your florist about using unexpected details to reinvent your roses. I love jasmine, snowball viburnum and anything wild and textural. Roses are iconic for a reason and I consider it my duty as a florist to realize the true and inner beauty of roses! Highfalutin? So is your mom, so don’t be afraid to bring her gorgeous roses for Mother’s Day.

Whatever flower is growing in your yard or if you don’t have a yard, alongside the freeway- You know what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day? A fist full of dandelions and an “I love you”, that’s it, not kidding! Your moms no fool, she knows you’re busy, have friends, school, work and are occupied with a little thing called life! If you have the day to spend with her, even better. But if you haven’t, just take a moment to put her in your heart and send a small bouquet of anything beautiful, sincere and pure- remember to tell her “this is how I feel about you.”